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Feature Benefit Selling for Sales Professionals

Across the varied and unique sales strategies that exist to encourage interested consumers to purchase a product or service, feature benefit selling is perhaps the best approach for business owners who wish to frame their product in a way that customers will both understand and respond to. This article will explain the difference between features and benefits, and it will provide sales professionals with the guidance needed to incorporate a feature benefit selling strategy into their approach.

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Selling to Executives: Strategies That Drive Results

Selling to a company’s executives involves more intricate techniques than selling to mid-level employees, as executives want higher-level benefits than the general consumer. This article will cover the two categories of buyers as well as a fundamental sales strategy for C-level selling: the Cause/Effect tool. Two Types of Buyers Before we look at tools and techniques that will drive results when selling to executives, let’s understand what differentiates a C-level executive from a mid-level employee.  A mid-level

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How the Purchasing Cycle Drives Conversions

If you’re in sales, you should really be keeping the purchasing cycle at the forefront of your mind throughout all your commercial activities.  Put simply, the purchasing cycle encompasses distinct stages through which a customer moves before buying a specific product or service. Sounds important, right?  It is! This article will provide you with the background information you need to fully understand and utilize the purchasing cycle in your sales, including advice on how to identify the

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What is Sales Prospecting? Tips & Techniques

Sales reps in all sales teams want to sell. Selling is fun. But before you can sell, you have to prospect.  Generating initial interest with potential buyers sets up your sales process, creates the sales pipeline, and leads to establishing qualified leads that then become paying customers. But first you have to identify those potential customers—this is done through sales prospecting. Sales Prospecting Definition So what do we mean by sales prospecting? Well, prospecting in its more

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